It’s that time of year again when I start thinking about all of the traditional Christmas goodies I plan on cooking and, let’s face it, it can all get a bit overwhelming!  One thing I never forget is my  Christmas Pud (also known as Plum Pudding) complete with traditional silver pudding charms.

Stir Up Sunday

One thing I love about the Christmas Pud is the festive traditions that surround its making and the key one is that I make it on Stir up Sunday.  This year Stir up Sunday is on 25th November, leaving plenty of time for your Xmas pudding to mature and kicking off your festive period in style.

People are always asking me which is my favourite Christmas Pud recipe so, in preparation for  Stir up Sunday, here is a quick review of my favourites.

Christmas Pud Recipes
Here are some of my favourites, from left to right: Jamie Oliver’s Gluten Free, Little Box Brownie and Mary Berry.  Don’t forget to order my Luxury Sterling Silver Pudding Charms to add to the mix!

A light delight from Nigel Slater

If you are looking for a Christmas Pudding on the lighter side , Nigel Slater has an excellent fruit packed version which he follows each year religiously.  You can find the recipe for this, along with lots of his other festive goodies here.

Mary’s Best

I’m a big fan of Mary Berry, after all she featured my robin cake decorations in one of her cookbooks!  Her Xmas Pud contains big chunks of apple and is delicious served with Brandy Butter – another Christmas staple.

Christmas Pud Down Under

Believe it or not, Christmas pudding is still a big part of the Christmas menu in Australia and New Zealand.  Sophia Purvis, the author of the fabulously mouthwatering blog Little Box Brownie has a wonderful recipe for an antipodean Christmas Pud which you can find here.  It’s an adaptation of Nigella Lawson’s version and includes cocoa!

A winner from Jamie’s Nan

And last but not least – which recipe do I use I hear you say.  Well I have to admit that, as my mum is Spanish, Christmas Pudding was not really a huge part of my childhood.  However, as a fellow Londoner I always follow what Jamie Oliver is up to and I just can’t resist his Nan’s recipe complete with Vin Santo and Golden Syrup on top.  Delicious!

He also does an amazing Gluten Free Christmas Pudding – so that everyone can indulge.

So take a read,  pick out your favourite, and don’t forget to order a set of my gorgeous sterling silver Christmas pudding charms to add to the mix on Stir Up Sunday.

Happy stirring!