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6 Traditional Sterling Silver Christmas Pudding Charms

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Delight your guests with these lovely sterling silver Christmas pudding charms.

Christmas pudding charms are a tradition that date back to Victorian times when those lucky enough to receive a charm in their pudding would be blessed in the coming year.

To this day they add to the festive frivolity around the Christmas table with much discussion as to who received which charm and what it means for their year ahead.

Our set of 6 sterling silver lucky charms include a horseshoe, wishbone, sixpence, bell, thimble and button, each with their special significance.

Product Description

Complete your plum pudding recipe with these gorgeous sterling silver pudding charms. Beautifully presented in the finest luxury gift box, this set of 6 Xmas pudding charms comes complete with a card giving instructions for their use and the meanings of each charm.

These charms can be cooked inside a pudding or you may prefer to hide them under each plate for your guests to find. They are attached to big silver rings, which you can thread some bright ribbon through so that nobody swallows a charm by mistake!

The perfect gift for a budding pudding chef for this year and many Christmases to come.

Silver Celebrations London also provide a luxury set of Christmas pudding charms, larger and more elaborately detailed. See here for details.

  • Handmade in Britain by Silver Celebrations London 
  • Sterling 925 Silver
  • The size of each charm varies.  To give you an idea the silver sixpence is: 1cm x 1cm
  • Box size:10cm x 7cm x 3cm