silver celebrations london

Our Story

The idea for Silver Celebrations began at a birthday party, a long time ago. As I watched my friend blow out her birthday candles, I was struck by the naff pink plastic candleholders that were disgracing her beautifully decorated cake.

As a jeweller my eye is always drawn to details and these birthday cake candleholders (you know the ones that we all have lurking in the back of a kitchen drawer) were yelling out to be redesigned. Full of ideas, I went back to my workshop and the first collection of silver birthday cake candle holders was born.

Since that day, thousands of exciting things have happened. I’ve learned a lot from my small London studio and I have been joined by a talented team.

All of our designs are handmade in England using traditional silversmithing techniques. From the fine craftsmanship employed in the creation of each new piece through to the prettily packaged parcels that we pop in the post, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality.

Our candle holders grace the cakes of celebrities and party princesses and have become an essential part of the creations of top chefs and cake designers.

We hope you enjoy browsing our range and find the perfect gift.