Profile of a cake maker

In my job I get to work with some incredibly talented people, and believe you me, over the years I have come across some amazing cake makers.

But when we came across the work of Michelle Schulman, at La Belle Cake Company, I just knew that we had to work together.



Creative cake options from La Belle Cake Company

Sugarcraft in the blood

Michelle has cake decorating in her veins having grown up admiring her Nan’s creations but, after 6 years making beautiful cakes for family and friends, increasing demand for her work meant she was able to take up cake making full time.



Each of Michelle’s bespoke creations are produced based on the client’s specific brief.



Setting up her own business

Now she and her team make over a hundred cakes per year from their bakery in Leighton Buzzard and deliver their cakes to wedding and party venues all over the country.

They also run La Belle Cake Academy teaching the art of sugarcraft and helping other professional cake bakers follow in their very successful footsteps.




sugarcraft birthday cakes
Beautiful birthday cakes from La Belle Cake Company

Cake advice from the expert

I took the opportunity to ask Michelle a bit about her business and cakes in general:

What has been your favourite cake of all time?

“My fave cake all time has to be my first ever celebrity commission. I was delighted to be able to create a cake for Take That for the launch of their Singstar game. I literally cannot express just how huge a Take That fan I am. I was invited to stay for the launch party which was the most amazing experience – you haven’t lived until you have seen Take That and James Corden playing Singstar!”

Do you have any tips she has for choosing the perfect birthday cake?

“Start by working out how many people you would like your cake to serve so you give you cake maker a good idea of how large the cake needs to be.  Then take them through a long list of the recipients’ hobbies and interests.  This will hlp the cake maker some up with a range of design ideas for you to choose from.”

You seem to have a huge range of flavours and fillers for your cakes which is the most popular at the moment?

“Yes, celebration cakes have certainly come a long way!  Many people still opt for traditional fruit cake, especially for weddings, but we now offer a whole range of cakes from Chocolate and Raspberry, to Lime and Coconut with lime preserve and coconut buttercream!”



celebration cake


I certainly know where I will be getting my next celebratory cake from, but next time you are planning a special occasion give Michelle a call.  She will be more than happy to help you with any of your cake needs.


Much love