Make a lasting impression with Collector Gifting

We know from experience that a gift of one of our candleholders make a lasting impression, which is why you may be interested to know about our Collector Gifting Service.

The idea behind the service is to enable you to enhance your gift with annual additions, allowing the recipient to build a wonderful collection of candleholders as the years pass by.

Whether you are giving to a child and adding a new candleholder for each birthday, or building up a large collection of roses for the top of Mum’s cake we are sure that the recipient will be delighted with their growing collection.

Gifting made simple

And it couldn’t be easier. Simply sign up using the form, letting us know your name, the recipient’s name, sex, birthday and birth year and we will ensure you receive a timely reminder each year along with a suggestion of what they might like to receive that year to build their collection.

Exclusive offers and discounts

What’s more, once you register, we will give you an exclusive 20% discount on each purchase of a single candleholder and 10% off any new sets purchased. You’ll also be the first to find out about exclusive new products to complement our collections.

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