Every year we receive orders from all corners of the Commonwealth for our silver Christmas pudding and I’m always fascinated by how this British tradition has spread around the world.   Even to this day, Traditional British Christmas Pudding, complete with silver Pudding Charms, is a popular choice for Christmas Day from Canada to the Caribbean.

It seems that even though many of our friends in the Southern Hemisphere have ditched the traditional hot turkey lunch (which is just not practical in 100 degree heat!)  the  Christmas Pudding remains the one gastronomic staple that unites these nations on Christmas Day.

CHritmas inspiration from Australia and New Zealand
Christmas in Australia and New Zealand is a different experience but the Traditional Christmas Pud is still a feature.  Photo credits: Donna Hay, Build House Home,   Gourmet Traveller, Inspire Bohemia.

Christmas Pudding Recipes

It turns out that the Christmas Pudding recipe was brought by early colonial settlers, anxious to recreate something of home in conditions which were probably hard and unfamiliar.

The Christmas Pudding went on to become a symbol of unity amongst the colonial empire and in 1927 the Empire Marketing Board (EMB) even went as far as to publish and distribute the Royal Household’s own recipe, adapted to include ingredients from many of the empire’s colonies (currants from Australia, raisins from South Africa, rum from Jamaica and apples from Canada).

Today in Australia you can still expect to be served Christmas or Plum Pudding alongside less traditional foods such as Lobster, Barbequed Prawns or a whole cold ham.

You can also find my favourite recipe here if you want to give it a try.

Pudding Charms

In my  view, no respectable pudding is complete without the addition of coins or silver pudding charms, which are a tradition that date back to Victorian times. Those lucky enough to receive a charm in their serving would be blessed for the year ahead. To this day they add to the festive frivolity around the Christmas table with much discussion as to who has received what and what it means for their future.

Silver pudding charms
No Christmas Pudding is complete without the addition of coins or pudding charms

If you live in Australia, New Zealand, Canada or the Caribbean, please place your orders by 7th December to ensure that they reach you on time for your Christmas celebrations.

I hope that you will help in keeping this wonderful tradition alive.

Merry Christmas!